Trump Warned Of This – Now Its Happening : Syrian Accused of Working For ISIS Arrested in German Refugee Camp


Germany is experiencing the consequences of exactly what presidential front-runner Donald Trump warned about when he suggested that ISIS was using the Syrian refugee crisis to enter foreign countries.

The Wall Street Journal reports that a man identified as Leeth Abdalhmeed has been taken into police custody after it was learned that he may have been providing support to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

Abdalhmeed is charged with running a money-transferring operation for the Islamic extremist group. He is also believed to have provided aid to the militant organization that includes medicine and ammunition.

Abdalhmeed, if proven to be guilty of the charges, is yet another proof that ISIS is currently smuggling their members into other countries by posing as refugees seeking asylum.

Earlier this month, Donald Trump raised eyebrows when he declared that America should stop importing Islamic refugees until they can be properly vetted for terrorist ties.

The billionaire’s concerns have echoed others who have heard FBI Director James Comey explain to the House Committee on Homeland Defense that America is simply not capable of having a proper vetting process because of the lack of reliable intelligence, or any form of a database in the war-torn country of Syria.

Concerns have also arisen when it was learned that at least one of the terrorists, who participated in the Paris attacks that left 130 people dead and hundreds more wounded, may have used the refugee crisis as cover to enter the European country.

America has had its screening process called into question when Pakistani born Tashfeen Malik entered the country under a visa program and slaughtered 14 people in San Bernardino, with the help of her husband Syed Rizwan Farook.

Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) is just one of many Congressman to be critical of the administration’s plan to bring in additional Syrian refugees, and even released a list of at least 16 refugees that have been relocated to America only to participate in jihadist activities.

Over half of the sitting governors in the United States have protested the president’s refugee program as well, expressing similar sentiments of Trump. Until the administration can figure out a way to ensure that they are not bringing in ISIS members, the entire program needs to stop.

Trump has received no end of criticism for his concerns over the safety of American citizens, but the fact that other countries like Germany and France are uncovering ISIS plots to infiltrate their borders using the refugee crisis should be an eye opener for Liberals and the drive-bye media in the U.S.

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