University Shuts Down Transgender Bathroom Experiment After This Disturbing Incident

Society has become so focused on not offending people of any race, gender, or sexuality that they have started offending people who don’t identify as a minority. The newest “politically correct” thing to hit the United States is gender neutral bathrooms. The restrooms were created so that people of varying sexualities or who identified as transgender could use a restroom without being embarrassed or feeling out of place.

The University of Toronto has implemented these restrooms throughout most of their campus. It comes as no surprise that two college guys entered the restroom, which also contained showers, to see the girls in their showering. They were supposedly trying to take pictures of transgendered women, but that is still inappropriate in any setting. The University reacted by closing the restroom for a few hours while allowing the other gender neutral bathrooms to remain open. Since the bathroom facility is neutral, anyone can use it no matter how they identify themselves. It would be seen as inappropriate and insulting to ask any people using the restroom to identify why they wish to use the restroom.

Houston, Texas has also been planning on implementing gender neutral restrooms throughout their city. This is not the right response to help those who are transgendered, but creates more problems than it helps. Utilitarianism is a philosophical term that pursues the greatest good for the greatest amount of people. This term is usually used to justify their actions or pass new legislation, however, the greatest good is not helped through these new style bathrooms. Political correctness has reached a new level when children can’t even go to a restroom designated for their specific gender. This comes as the same time that Target has removed their gender specific toy sections. Gone are the days when girls can be girls and boys can be boys.

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