US Senate launches Investigation Into Whether Obama Illegally Tried To Influence Israeli Election

Because the Obama administration hasn’t been involved in enough scandals, it’s time to add another one to list: influencing foreign elections. Or at least that’s what the U.S. Senate will be investigating.

The Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations has put together a bipartisan group to investigate whether or not the Obama State Department had funds that were donated to OneVoice, a group that joined forces with Victory-15 in January to start actively campaigning against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Fox News had an exclusive report on the potential scandal stating that the State Department had $350,000 that was given to OneVoice and the investigation would find out if any of that went to the anti-Netanyahu activities. The State Department has of course said that the money was not given to Victory-15.

While investigations are nothing new to the administration, it has to be pointed out that this is a bipartisan committee, meaning that both republicans and democrats think something smells fishy in the District of Columbia. Obama hasn’t exactly treated Israel or Netanyahu the way anyone would expect an ally to be treated, so the talk of underhanded business to support an unseating of the prime minister isn’t as shocking as it should be. Obama has repeatedly snubbed the prime minister and disagreed with him publicly when it comes to Iran and nuclear talks. It could be speculated that in Obama’s eyes, his life would be that much easier without Netanyahu around to clash with.

Netanyahu has publicly said that he also thought foreign governments were trying to influence the Israeli elections, and not in his favor. During an interview he said that he thought the foreign influence was, “unprecedented,” and that the influence was coming from,”European countries and left-wing people abroad.” To add another twist to the story the Conservative Tribune reported that, “recent polls show that a large majority of Israelis believe the Obama administration is interfering in the election.”

Even with the influence of foreign countries, Netanyahu was able to declare victory and remain the Israeli prime minister for another term. While speculation surrounds the investigation, there’s no doubt that many in the public have already come to their own conclusions, and they aren’t in the favor of the State Department or Obama. There one thing for certain: it will be interesting to watch this investigation unfold and see if the Obama administration’s Teflon coating is still there, or if they’ll finally have something stick to them.

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