[VIDEO] CEO Creates Snowflake Test For Potential Applicants

Kyle Reyes, CEO of the Silent Partners Marketing Agency, has devised a test to weed out the whiny, entitlement Millennials that want to work for his company.

He is calling it the “snowflake test,” and he is administering it to any potential hires.

Reyes appeared on Fox Business’ Varney and Company to explain this test, and to clarify what a snowflake actually was.

“A snowflake is somebody who is going to whine and complain and come to the table with nothing but an entitled attitude and an inability to back their perspective.”

If you are unsure of whether or not you, personally, have seen a snowflake, just think back to the when Donald Trump was elected as President of the United States, and Liberal activists began taking to the streets to whine and protest the fair election.

To them, they were entitled to win, with the election being just a formality. Hillary Clinton was destined to become the first woman president, and how dare Donald Trump take that away from her.

Reyes explained that his snowflake test was turning out to be a successful tool for his company to weed out the people who were inundating the company with resumes, on a daily basis, without even bothering to know what the company did for work.

“There are a lot of snowflakes out there, but we’ve weeded through about 60% of them through this application process.” 

Some questions that might be offered on the snowflake test are, “What does privilege mean to you,” and, “What does America mean to you.”

Reyes said that the majority of the applicants drop out of the hiring process themselves after being administered the snowflake test.

“I think what it comes down to is that people are sick and tired of being so politically correct. I’ve had companies across the country reach out to us and say, ‘We wish we could do that, but we’re afraid to. We’er afraid of what the backlash is going to be like.'”

What do you think? Would you like to see more companies give snowflake tests like this to their employees?


Source: Fox Business


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