[VIDEO] City Chief Of Police : Any Attempts To Disarm The Citizenry Will “Cause A Revolution In This Country.”

Gun Control Revolution

Following President Barack Obama’s reaction to the San Bernardino terrorist attack that left 14 innocent Americans dead who had just been enjoying a holiday party, Police Chief Randy Kennedy of Hugh Springs, TX had a strong statement that he posted in a video on his personal Facebook page.

He begins with a message addressed to the American people. The police chief called for every law-abiding citizen over the legal age to arm themselves, stressing that they need to get a carry permit and learn how to use the weapon properly as well as safely. He explains that because the president does not have a plan to protect the American people against criminal elements and terrorists on Domestic soil, an armed body of Americans can help law enforcement agents who cannot be everywhere at once.

Kennedy then had a message for President Obama. he explained that the Second Amendment was in place, not for hunting, but rather as a protection for American people to protect themselves from criminal elements, terrorists, and a tyrannical government.

He said that any attempts by Obama to disarm the American people will result in a revolution in the country.

Kennedy stressed that the American people are living in a dangerous time, and need to be ready when the “wolf comes to the door, because it’s on its way.”

According to the FBI, the agency processed a record number of background checks on Black Friday this year with more than 180,000 performed. The increased number of background checks have been attributed to citizens who are realizing that mass shootings are becoming a real danger, and appearing more frequently. Each mass shooter is also seemingly targeting “gun-free zones” as their places of attacks to ensure that they will not be stopped by any citizens before their carnage is finished.

Police chiefs across the country are echoing Kennedy’s message for citizens to arm themselves as the first line of defense against mass shooters and terrorist attacks. His video can be seen below.


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