[VIDEO] Companies Bidding On President Trump’s Border Wall

President Donald Trump’s proposed border wall is being met with some enthusiasm, at least by companies who are offering competitive bids to win the government contracts to build the southern barrier.

The U.S. Department of Customs and Border Protection has received as many as 500 bids from prospective companies who are anxious for the work, and although the agency has left much of the designs up to the bidders’ imagination, it has offered guidance in terms of specifics that it would like to see in a border wall.

According to the Washington Times, some of the requirements include ensuring that the wall runs along the entire 2,000 miles of the southern border. This would mean, in some parts, a physical barrier along mountainous areas that were previously thought to be natural physical deterrents themselves.

The agency is asking that bidders make the wall at least 18 feet high, 30 feet wide, and delve at least six feet underground to prevent tunneling efforts.

The wall must be able to withstand at least an hour long assault to allow border agents to respond to anyone attempting to cut their way through the barrier.

The bidders were also instructed to propose plans that include a wall that is physically appealing to those looking at it from the American side, yet look imposing to those who are looking at it from the Mexican side.

The Times is reporting that, whatever company is awarded the contracts to build the wall, they may find themselves facing a backlash from Liberals who plan on boycotting the companies.

Berkeley, California has already announced that it will not do business with any company that assists President Trump in building his border wall.

Within the Trump administration’s first proposed budget is a $1 billion to be used to begin construction of the wall with another $2 billion for next year.


Source: The Washington Times

Source: Fox News

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