[VIDEO] Giuliani Interview : “ISIS Is An Obama Creation”

Former Mayor of New York, Rudy Giuliani, blasted the president over his handling of ISIS in the middle east.

In an interview with Sean Hannity on Fox News, Giuliani was asked about Barack Obama’s plan to bring in 10,000 Syrian refugees despite the fact that his intelligence community is telling him that ISIS will use the situation to infiltrate our country.

Giuliani began by explaining that the situation that we find ourselves in did not have to happen ‘if our policies were different.’ He said that if we had set up a no fly zone around Syria, if we had sided with the legitimate rebels in Syria, and if we had not pulled out our troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan, ISIS would not have emerged.

“ISIS is filling a vacuum created by a vacuous foreign policy.” The former mayor then said,

“ISIS is an Obama creation.”

Giuliani also reiterated the sentiment of FBI Director James Comey who said that without boots on the ground, without a military presence, we are unable to gather intelligence in the way that we did in Iraq.

He said that we need to have a president who tells the American people,

“We have to be in the Middle East until the threat against us is over, just the way that we were in Germany, just the way that we were in Italy, just the way we are now in South Korea.” 

Giuliani also expressed frustration over Barack Obama’s understanding of the radical Islamic group. He made the point that the day before, Obama said that ISIS was contained, and the next day was the attack on Paris.

Hannity also asked the former New York mayor about whether or not Obama was gambling with the lives of Americans by taking in Syrian refugees.

“He is, taking in Syrian refugees without the intelligence base in which to do any kind of analysis about who they are, or what they are, or where they come from. Where is that going to come from? We don’t have CIA agents, or many of them, in Syria. We don’t have soldiers in Syria.”

Giuliani also criticised Obama’s understanding of the Muslim religion. He pointed out that Mohammad was a warrior who killed 4000 to 5000 Jews and buried them into a mass grave. He pointed out that part of the religion is to convert, pay a tax for not converting, or die.

America is watching with concern as its president brings in 10,000 Syrian refugees without vetting them for terrorist ties, and against the advice of his top intelligence agencies. Considering how many times Barack Obama has been wrong about radicalized Muslims, could Rudy Giuliani be correct in his assessment that ISIS was the direct result of Obama’s policies?

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