[VIDEO] Hillary Sinks To New Low While Attacking Mother Of Benghazi Victim

During the CNN presidential debate, Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton was asked about her involvement, as the Secretary of State, in the cover-up over the cause of the 9/11 embassy attacks in Benghazi.

A clip from the mother of one of the four Benghazi victims, Patricia Smith, was played for the Clinton. In the clip, the mother accuses Hillary, among others, of deliberately telling the families of the victims that the cause of the attack was an anti-Islamic YouTube video, even when they knew that it was a terrorist attack. Hillary responded explaining how she felt sympathetic towards the families of the four who lost their lives in Benghazi, and then proceeded to call the grieving mother a liar.

“You know, look, I feel a great deal of sympathy for the families of the four brave Americans that we lost at Benghazi. And I certainly can’t even imagine the grief that she has for losing her son. But she’s wrong. She’s absolutely wrong.”

Keep in mind, the former First Lady said this during the Benghazi hearings:

What Difference Does It Make

The sympathy felt was in full display during the hearings where she looked utterly bored. Clinton continued her answer:

“I and everybody in the administration all the people she named, the president, the vice-president, Susan Rice, we were scrambling to get information that was changing, literally, by the hour.”

The one person she should have left off of that list is President Barack Obama who, evidence suggests, was not in the Situation Room taking command of the situation, but was instead holed up in the family quarters of the White House. Phone calls as late as 10pm, 6 hours after the initial reports of the attack arrived, placed him there.

“And when we had information, we made it public, but then sometimes we had to go back and say we had new information that contradicts it.”

All initial evidence on the ground, all intelligence reports, and all military reports indicated that the cause of the attack was Islamic terrorists. At no point, did the State Department receive word that the cause was a YouTube video, and yet that was the narrative that Hillary Clinton chose to go with.

Breitbart even reports, from documents obtained, that the YouTube video that the administration chose to blame was a second choice. In other words, the administration chose which video to blame for the attack.

“So I testified for 11 hours, anybody who watched that, and listened to it, knows that I answered every question that I was asked…”

It’s ironic that she was complaining about answering questions about Benghazi for 11 hours because the people left on the ground on 9/11 in 2012 went through a 13 hour ordeal where they fought for their very lives. Those who were standing by to rescue the American in distress have publicly said that they received a Stand-Down order from the State Department, headed by Clinton. The Stand-Down order has been denied by Hillary as well, and so it would appear that she is also calling the people that were actually in Libya at the time of the attack liars.

“…And when it was over, the┬áRepublicans had to admit they didn’t learn anything. Why? Because there had already been one independent investigation, there had been seven or eight Congressional investigations- mostly led by Republicans- who all reached the same conclusions.”

There had also been that time when Clinton ‘fell down’ and suffered from a concussion just before she was set to testify. Due to complicated medical reasons, Clinton was unable to answer questions about her role in the Benghazi cover-up, and it took another six months before anyone was able to pin her down to answer questions.

By calling the grieving mother who lost her child in the Benghazi attack a liar, Clinton has demonstrated that she will sink to any level to get elected. The question is, do her supporters care?


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