[VIDEO] TRUMP: Clinton Lies Like Crazy And Lacks The Stamina Necessary To Be President

Donald Trump is not one to worry about political correctness when he bashes his political opponents.

Appearing on NBC’s Meet the Press, trump declared Hillary Clinton’s comment that ISIS was using him in their videos as a propaganda tool to recruit new members to be a lie.

Hillary made the claim during the Democratic presidential debate when she said that ISIS was using Trump’s words as an effective recruiting tool in their videos because of his hateful anti-Islamic rhetoric. Though no evidence has emerged to support her claim, there has been a propaganda video that has been circulating through social media to enlist new recruits. It is called, “No Respite.”

In it, current and former U.S. leaders can be seen that include Barack Obama, John Kerry, and Joe Biden. The true irony lies in the fact that ISIS also uses Hillary Clinton’s husband and former president, Bill Clinton in their propaganda piece. They refer to him as the ” fornicator.” The radical Islamic organization is critical of Bill’s extramarital affairs as well as his activism for gay rights.

Trump called out his Democratic opponent, Mrs. Clinton, on Meet the Press, declaring her comments to be nonsense. Reaching back to the last time Clinton ran for president in 2008, Trump reminded his interviewers of the time that she lied about being “gunned down in a helicopter or an airplane.”

His reference was to Clinton’s assertions that she had enough experience necessary to be president. As anecdotal evidence, she recalled an incident in which she was landing in Bosnia under heavy fire. She claimed that there was no greeting ceremony, and that she clearly remembers her and her entourage running from the plane to their vehicles with their heads down out of fear of sniper fire.

Unfortunately for her, technology exists that allows for members of the media to visually record events to be watched at a later point in time. After Clinton’s dramatic telling of courage and danger that she experienced landing in Bosnia, CBS re-released the original news report that exposed her as being untruthful.

In their report, not only is their no ducking and running for cover, Mrs. Clinton is seen shaking hands with a little girl while her daughter Chelsea is standing by her side. The campaign attempted to cover up for the lie by insisting that Clinton did not mean that she remembers landing under sniper fire when she said, “I remember landing under sniper fire,” but instead meant that there was gunfire in the nearby hills.

Trump accused Clinton of constantly lying, and making up stories out of thin air.

However, he did not stop at her credibility. He also accused the former Secretary of State as being weak, and lacking the stamina necessary to perform the job of president.

To prove this point, he pointed out the fact that she was not at her podium after one of the scheduled breaks during the Democratic Presidential Debate. Though it has been recently understood that this was due to the fact that Clinton did not want to share a restroom with a Martin O’Malley aid, Trump asserted that it was proof that she did not have what it takes to be president.

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