[VIDEO] Trump To Cut Every Federal Department Except One With This Amazingly Simple Plan

Appearing on Fox News with Sean Hannity, Donald Trump laid out his plan to cut the federal government, and that involves using something called the Penny Plan. Trump would use this method to decrease the size of every federal department with the exception of the military.

According to the Penny Plan, the federal government would put a cap on all of its future spending. It would then be required to reduce its budget for every department by one penny for every dollar for every fiscal year.

To simplify what this means, imagine if the government spent $100 on the Department of Education, $100 on the Environmental Protection Agency, and $100 on the IRS.

Under the Penny Plan, the government would decrease the Department of Education to $99 for the first year, $98 for the second, and then $97 for the third.

Congress might look at the EPA and decide that there is a lot of waste involved in the agency, and reduce the budget by 2% each year. By the end of the third year, the budget would be around $94.

In this example, Congress is fine with the IRS, and no cuts are made. Thus, under the Penny Plan, and using this example, the government would have met the requirements of the Penny plan by reducing itself by a total of 3% over three years.

Projections for an American government that strictly adhered to the Penny Plan estimate a reduction of $7.5 trillion in spending and a balanced budget within ten years. The reduction in spending is almost enough to cover the amount of debt that the Obama administration has tacked onto the National Debt since the former community organizer took power. The National Debt is at $19 trillion, with projections of $20 trillion by the time Obama leaves office. It was $10 trillion in 2008.

National Debt

Trump said,

“I like the concept of the Penny Plan.” 

However, Trump noted that he would not include the military as a part of the plan. Instead, he explained to Hannity that he would be building up America’s armed forces. The Republican candidate has shown a strong support for the American military both with his words, and with his actions. He has skipped a primary debate in Iowa to hold a fund-raiser for the troops, and pulled veterans out of lines for his presidential rallies to bring them into the venues early

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