[VIDEO]Cloud Millennial’s Criticism Of Her Generation Has Gone MEGA VIRAL

Alexis Bloomer makes a living as a journalist, but more importantly to this story, she is a millennial.

If you are not familiar with the term, a millennial is used to describe the generation that was reaching young adulthood around the turn of the century. If you are from a previous generation, you might know who they are if you have ever found yourself saying, with a sigh,

“Kids these days.”

Bloomer found herself frustrated at what her generation, the millennials, were becoming. She was seeing the sagging pants, she was noticing the rude behavior, and she was hearing the popular music that glorifies drugs and crime.

Even though she is one of them herself, she was tired of it, and decided to speak out about it.

Taking to social media, Bloomer uploaded a two minute video in which she destroys the way of life and mindsets of her fellow peers, the Millennials.

“We’re stepping on our flag instead of stepping up to volunteer, and we mock the men and women that are fighting for us, but we praise the people that are fighting each other.”

Bloomer said she was inspired after watching a limping elderly man who was walking into a building. A millennial got to the door first, went inside, and didn’t even bother to hold the door open for the elderly gentleman.

“Our generation doesn’t have the basic manners that include ‘no ma’am,’ and ‘yes ma’am.’ We don’t even hold the door open for ladies, much less our elders anymore.” 

She pointed out that the millenials idolize people like Kim Kardashian, and use the word ‘bae’ as a term of affection, as well as a list of many other things that are wrong with the millennial generation.

“We’re just existing. We’re not really contributing anything to society.”

Since its posting, the video has been seen more than 40 million times within the first week alone.

Share her video if you know a millennial who could use a wake-up call.

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