WTF! Anti-Trump Protesters Destroy Property, Trash A Police Car And Punch A Guy In The Face …. To “Protest Hate”

Outside of a rally for Republican candidate Donald Trump, protesters expressed their disdain for what they considered ‘hateful rhetoric,’ on the part of the billionaire tycoon, by using hateful rhetoric, rioting, and destroying police cars.

It happened in Costa Mesa, CA, where Trump was addressing thousands of supporters in a packed amphitheater at the Orange County Fair & Event Center.

Groups of Trump protesters began gathering outside, and as the night went on, the Trump protesters began clashing with Trump supporters who were turned away at the door due to there being no more tickets left.

Trump Supporter

The protesters continued to make a nuisance of themselves, and at one point even blocked a major intersection.

Though the Sheriff’s Department did not have an exact count as to how many protesters were present, they did confirm that 20 individuals were arrested, and that no serious injuries occurred.

CNN interviewed some protesters, and found 26-year-old Rojelio Banuelos, a student, who was carrying a sign that said Liberation not Deportation.

“I’m against Trump’s nativist and nationalistic agenda, which divides people and is very hateful of the other.”

The activists continued their protest of a candidate that they considered to be divisive and hateful, by smashing in the windows of a police cruiser that was parked nearby.

In the video below, several protesters can be seen kicking the vehicle, and a few are even writing obscenities against the police department on the doors.

At one point, a real genius stands on the roof of the police car, begins stomping up and down, and then falls on his backside as he tries to jump off from the hood.

Towards the end of the video, the crown begins chanting FLIP IT, and members of the group step forward in an attempt to do so.

They must have been Bernie Sanders supporters, who are not used to hard work, because the group did not come close to flipping the vehicle. They only managed to rock the cruiser violently back and forth.

The video can be seen below. Watch it and decide for yourself whether the group full of anger and hate is inside the amphitheater listening to Trump, or outside protesting and smashing police cars.



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