Your Done : Donald Trump Shuts Down MSNBC’s Liberal Journalist Jose Diaz-Balart During Border Presser

Love him or hate him Donald Trump is not scared to say what is on his mind. And he is not scared to take on the liberal press.

Host Jose Diaz-Balart, who works for Telemundo, asked about his comments about immigration.

“Mr. Trump, you know 53,000 hispanics turn 18 years of age in this country every month, born in the country of voting age, 54 million plus hispanics — many feel that what you said when you said that the people who cross the border are rapists and murderers–.”

Trump stopped him there to correct his statement.

“No, no, no! We’re talking about illegal immigration and everybody understands that,” Trump said.

And then Trump started to talk about how the press operate

“And you know what? That’s a typical case. That’s a typical case of the press with misinterpretation. They take a half a sentence, they take a half a sentence, then they take quarter of a sentence and put it all together. It’s a typical thing,” Trump contended.

He also said that Telemundo “should be ashamed” of his question.

Diaz-Balart tried to continue, “I’m not finished with my question.”

Trump had heard enough and responded with

“No, no! You’re finished!”.

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There are people around the world patiently waiting to become US citizens. There is no reason to reward law breakers with citizenship while other law abiding people follow our laws and go through the legal process to become citizens. Rewarding law breakers simply encourages people to break laws and it punishes people that choose to follow the rules.

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